Friday Favs

Good morning friends! Is it just me or does everyone seem a little happier, friendlier, and generally more excited about life during the week leading up to 4th of July? I tend to notice these things at grocery stores the most. Paying attention to how customers treat employees and vice versa can reveal a lot. Yesterday, I noticed a general happiness as I checked out of Whole Foods with a cart full of weekend essentials including but not limited to cans of Prosecco, cheese, and apple pie. Customers were extra nice! I've said this before, but, July is pretty much my favorite month. The heat, long days, and frequent trips to the beach can take credit for that.

This weekend, our plans consist of meeting up with Lauren and Chris in what will be a long overdue double date followed by days on the beach. I consider that a perfect plan. I hope whatever you have planned this weekend it's filled with laughter, kindness, ocean air, cheese & crackers, family & friends, and as always... a little movement!

Here are my favs of the week!

The Luna Bar Rise 'N" Shine Boot Camp & Yoga Event.

Catching up with the girls at Committee this week!

Free Fitness Thursdays at Legacy. Athena taught on Thursday and it was awesome!

Sunset in Southie at a red light.

Fact. Let your sparkle shine bright!

Have a safe and happy 4th, my friends! xo