Free Fitness All Over!

Hi guys! Thank you all for your sweet comments and messages last week after my "What I learned from Injury" post. I'm glad most of you felt like you could relate and I also appreciate your kind words. I'm feeling light years better and have been boxing which has really helped mentally!

You may have noticed on my social accounts that my worlds have been colliding lately. What I mean by that is my full time job and my blogger life have been intermixing in the best way possible. We are executing a number of fitness events at both Legacy Place and The Street and I'm here today to tell you all about it! (It's not a shameless plug if it totally relates to the blog AND I'll be in attendance at MANY of them :))

Photo: Melissa Ostrow Photography

The Legacy Place Series KICKED Off (pun intended) with Kick it by Eliza last week. As always, Eliza brought the energy and SPUNK! She took us through her 13 rounds and by the end I think everyone felt rejuvenated and confident. Eliza's energy is amazing.

This week we have Athena teaching her "Bring your Body Boot Camp". Since I don't live anywhere near where Athena teaches, I've actually never taken any of her classes so I'm PUMPEDDD to finally take one. My co-worker takes her classes weekly and she's one of her favorites so it's going to be awesome.

This series will continue on every Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm in "The Gardens" in the roadway in front of Shake Shack. We have Chris DaVeiga from Everybody Fights, Monique from Burpees to BubblyC2 Pilates, the gals from Rev'd, and more Kick It Instructors. Are you wondering what happens if it rains? Well, class is still ON... we have a great indoor space that can hold the class so there are NO EXCUSES!

So for those of you looking for FREE Fitness a little outside of the City... Legacy Place will have it all summer long. View full schedule here: FREE FITNESS THURSDAYS.

Next up, The Street in Chestnut Hill is Legacy Place's sister property and they also have a jam packed schedule of "Street Sweat" all Summer long. 


Kick It by Eliza instructors will also be teaching in addition to Pilates & Sculpt from the folks at Healthworks, and Baby Boot Camp will teach StrollFit. There will be Yoga on the green with lululemon and Run Club brought to you by my new favorite lunch place, Juice Press! This schedule is seriously fully loaded with a variety of events so check out the entire STREET SWEAT SERIES here.


As I mentioned, I'll be at as many of these events as I can fit into my schedule. There's nothing better that outdoor group fitness in the summertime. It's just so much fun! Plus, there's usually some extra goodies and treats involved after class :).

I hope to see you all there! xo